• Georgetown’s 36th Annual Continuing Education Program for Ophthalmic Technicians

    Do you need to earn JCAHPO Continuing Education credits to re-certify? Which is better: 1, or 2?

    1. You’re up late at night. Tired after a long day at work. In front of a computer screen. Alone. Hungry. Taking an online CE course. With a quiz at the end. You finally finish it. One CE credit-hour! How many more to go?

    2. You’re at the Georgetown Annual CE for Ophthalmic Techs! It’s not late at night — it’s morning! You’re not tired after a long day at work — you’re not even AT work. You’re not alone — techs you know and techs you don’t know(yet) have all gathered for the Review Course. You’re in a nice conference center on the campus of a world-class university. Coffee, right there in the meeting room! And food! Later, an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. Interesting speakers and topics. Not one quiz! And, potentially, all the CE credits you need for your three-year re-certification!

    So, to borrow a phrase you have used yourself: “Which is better — 1, or 2? Or are they about the same?”