Continuing Education

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Saturday May 22nd from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Topics of Discussion:

Advanced Slit Lamp Examination and Advanced OCT and Fundus Photography

This workshop will be held on May 22nd, 2021. When participants complete this workshop, they will be rewarded 6 IJCAHPO Group A credits!

The advanced slit lamp lecture takes a deeper dive into performing a thorough slit lamp exam and how to orient yourself when examining certain parts of the eye. It will also go into more detail in how to fine tune your tonometry technique. The workshop will take place in Georgetown University Medstar Hospital Ophthalmology Department and the participants will familiarize themselves with a slit lamp. With help from the speakers, the participants will evaluate a fellow technician and examine their eye thoroughly. At that same time the speaker will evaluate a technician’s technique when they measure intra ocular pressure.

With Advanced OCT and Fundus Photopgraphy, this lecture will orient the technician on how to view an OCT and fundus photograph with certain pathology present. In the lecture there will be fictional cases presented. Doing this will give the participants a chance to connect pathology and imagery together. Which in turn will lead to a proper diagnosis by the doctor. The workshop will be taken place in Georgetown University Medstar Hospital Ophthalmology Department as well. While being guided by the speaker, the technician will perform an OCT and fundus photograph on a fellow technician.