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My interest in the OMP Training Program at Georgetown began while I was working for the International Eye Foundation. I assisted the blindness prevention programs in several countries.  Working with the doctors in the programs sparked an interest in the technical aspects of blindness prevention. 

I heard about the Program, enrolled, and found that I loved learning about ophthalmology!  I graduated as an Ophthalmic Assistant and took a job with a local ophthalmologist.  He fostered learning for his staff, and it was a wonderful opportunity for me to use clinical skills that I was learning.

I became a Certified Ophthalmic Technician in 1983 and remain that to this day. My clinical years ended in 2003 when I took a travel job to train and certify personnel and offices working in ophthalmic clinical trials. 

After working in 33 countries on every continent except Antarctica, I retired in 2017.  I look back on my ophthalmic career as a “pinch me” job.  I cannot imagine having a more interesting or rewarding career!  I would encourage anyone with an interest in an ophthalmic career to seriously consider the Georgetown OMP Training Program.  

– Elizabeth Aiken Burt, COT (Ret)

“The eye, and the process of vision, are endlessly fascinating!  I hope you will take some time to learn about our profession and about the Georgetown Program.  For me, it launched a very rewarding career, including nearly 20 years in clinical eye research.  I am still learning.”

– John P. Rowan, COMT   

Full-Time Program, Class of 1998 

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